With the turmoil in the California insurance industry, some companies have started to require something new: a “4-Point” inspection. They can be required when applying for insurance and sometimes to renew an existing policy. 4-Point inspections have been around for many years, originally starting in hurricane prone Florida in the 1990s, and have since become common in a few other southern states, but they are new to California – so let’s take a moment to learn more about them.

4-Point Inspections
Most importantly, a 4-Point inspection is not a full home inspection, as it only covers Roofing, Plumbing, Electrical, and HVAC. A full inspection will cover more systems, but it will also cover each system in more detail than a 4-Point inspection. This is because a 4-Point inspection is tailored for the insurance industry, and focuses more on materials, lifespan, and significant hazards. For those who are either buying or selling a home, there is no substitute for a full home inspection report.  In some cases an insurer can use a recent home inspection report, since that report will have the same information (plus a lot more) – so if you have a recent home inspection on-hand, it’s worth asking the insurance company if that can be used instead.

What is Included?
For each system included in a 4-Point inspection, the document will include basic information about the age,  type, and materials used in a particular system. For example, the roofing section will include the roofing types, estimated age(s), and any significant defects found. Maintenance items or upgrades are generally not included.

Travelers Insurance
Now that your getting the hang of things, it’s time to throw in a monkey wrench. Travelers Insurance won’t accept a standard 4-Point or home inspection. Instead, they require a simplified one page 4-Point “letter” that states that the four systems are in acceptable condition. Such a letter puts a home inspector in a bit of a pickle, since there isn’t a standard to define what is considered acceptable condition, so not all inspectors will provide this document.

What is the Cost?
For most single family homes, JMC Inspection charges $340, but for larger homes the price can be a bit higher. It takes the inspector about 1-1.5 hours to review the systems and about a day to generate the report. Our company provides both the regular 4-Point inspection and one-page letter required by Travelers Insurance. If you are interested in booking a 4-Point inspection please call or text the office at (510) 525-7173 or book a consultation using our online booking PAGE.

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