During its February, 2021 meeting, the Piedmont City Council adopted new energy code amendments, which are designed to meet the Piedmont’s Climate Action goals by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and natural gas usage in residential buildings. Ordinance 751 N.S. requires a Home Energy Score assessment at time of sales as of March 3, 2021

What is a Home Energy Score?

The Home Energy Score was created by the US Department of Energy, with the intent of creating a “miles-per-gallon” rating for homes. The assessment will give a home a score on a 1 to 10 scale, and provide a list of recommended improvements. The assessment is not as in-depth as a full energy audit. The assessor draws a floor plan for each level, takes an inventory of doors, windows, and insulation, and the installed mechanical equipment.

Assessments generally cost about $300-$500, depending on the size of the building. A Home Energy Audit is more in-depth than a Home Energy Score, and will provide more detailed information, but will also cost significantly more.

What Does Piedmont Require?

Each person who sells or transfers an interest in real property located in Piedmont must provide a Home Energy Score (or Home Energy Audit) prepared in the past five years to potential buyers and the City’s Planning & Building Department. The Home Energy Score or Home Energy Audit are not required if the home was constructed in the past 10 years.

Who Performs Home Energy Score assessments?

Well, we perform Home Energy Score assessments! More specifically, our registered assessor Lee Parsons, has been performing our assessments since 2017.  In addition to Piedmont, the City of Berkeley requires Home Energy Score assessments as a part of the Building Energy Savings Ordinance (BESO). Besides those two cities, we also perform assessments in all the other cities in our normal service area. If you are interested in booking, or have questions, please call our office (510-525-7173) for more information.

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