JMC Building Inspections Blog Okay, so what is RecallChek you might ask! This is a new service we can provide on most inspections we perform.  During our inspection, we gather information about the appliances typically found in a home, then submit that information to a national data base.  The data base is set up to compare your appliance information to appliances that have known defects, or that have been recalled by the manufacturer for repairs or replacement.  Typically, these recalls are often found on the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s Website (, but there are literally millions out there that are difficult to track down on your own.

So, we provide the hard work for you when you have an inspection performed by us, and we provide this service to our clients for only $30!  If you are pleased with this service, and other friends or family would also like a report on their appliances, they can request their own RecallCheck report for a nominal fee directly from our website, by clicking on the RecallChek button below.

The report will be sent to you by an independent provider generally within 48 hours of the inspection, and will provide a listing of any repairs that might be necessary, and how to go about those repairs.  This is good for both the owners and buyers of homes, because the repairs are generally free, or of little cost to the consumer.  You will also receive free periodic updates by email, in case any appliance you own requires a recall in the future.

Please let us know what you think of this new service.  Thanks!